Tuesday, July 2, 2013

EME Dakshinamurthi Mandir / Temple - Baroda

The EME Temple / Dakshinamurthy Temple, was built by the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Corps of the Indian Army in the 1960's.

The entire temple is built out of aluminum waste and features modern geodesic architecture. The main deity in this temple is Dakshinamurthy - Shiva as supreme teacher. It is run by the Indian Army Authorities, and incorporates holy symbols of all the main religions of India since the army do not have separate places of worship for different faiths.

The 4 Semi -Elliptical Entrances of the temple are reminiscent of Jain Temples.
The Dome comes from Islamic Architecture.
The Tower is modelled on the Bell towers of Christian churches.
The Golden Taper above the dome represents Buddhism.

The Kalash on top of the tower symbolizes Hinduism.

The main deity in this temple is Dakshinamurthy - Shiva as supreme teacher. The idol faces the South and is believed to impart his teachings to the world, facing that direction.  Shiva is seen in human form with his foot pressing down on a demon which symbolises the distractions that keep a student from focussing and concentrating on his studies or work.

There are a few smaller shrines around the main temple dedicated to Ganesh, Radha Krishna, Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman and Sai Baba. There is also a cave modeled on the Amarnath Gufa which has a shivling made of ice.

There is a banyan grove of 5 trees called Panchavati. The trees have grown in such a manner, that it is difficult to say where one ends and the other begins.

The garden around the temple is green and has 106 statues ranging from the 6th to the 16th century. My favourite was the beautifully carved statue of Suryadev in all his glory on his chariot drawn by multiple horses.

There is a beautiful statue of Buddha at the other end of the garden. And if you cross the road after the Buddha, you will arrive at the simple Gurudwara.

For Visitors:
The EME Temple is open from 6:30am-8:30pm to outsiders.
You need to carry an identity document of some kind and register with the army authority at the gate before going in.
You need to take off your shoes when walking around the garden too, so be aware.

Note : Photography is prohibited in this Army Area, the pictured above is sourced via google/Flickr