Sunday, August 11, 2013

Darbargadh Palace - Morbi

Darbargadh Palace
Near Machhu river and Jhulta Pul (hanging bridge),
Morbi 363641,

We had a lovely trip to Morbi this weekend. We had the whole resort to ourselves, and it was an amazing experience.

I know some people have complained about the dust and cleanlines, but given that we went here during the monsoons, everything was washed clean.

Some visitors, have complained about general cleanliness and maintenance. But you have to remember that this is a 100+ year old palace. There will be construction issues. To see how much they have actually improved the rooms. Walk up to the 2nd floor and peep into some of the rooms that are still to be renovated and you will realise how far this property has come.

The service was excellent and I have hardly seen a cleaner kitchen.

The only recommendation I have for this place is to have brighter lights in the rooms (or at least one bright light per room) the yellow light is very atmospheric, but given that there is not much else to do in Morbi, I would visit the Darbargadh palace to relax and read or write or do other creative stuff and I would love to have brighter light for it.

The food is absolutely excellent and we had the most amazing shahi tukda, laal maas, pepper chicken, soups etc etc. The range of food is so large, that it was too much for us, so after the first meal, we insisted that they reduce the number of items served to us, because it was so difficult to manage portion control with such great food.

Room Tip : “There is no lift, so if you don't want to climb, opt for the Vijayba Mahal on the ground floor or maximum first floor, rather than Mayurdhwaj Mahal on the second floor.”

Rating : 4 / 5

Value : 4 / 5
Location : 4 / 5
Sleep Quality : 5 / 5
Rooms : 5 / 5
Cleanliness : 3 / 5
Service : 5 / 5

Saturday, August 3, 2013

United States of Ahmedabad

Very interesting documentary style video on youtube about the attitude of Gujaratis/Ahmdavadis regarding USA - living there, working there, studying there, their food habits etc